Hello, I am Sebastian

Hello, I am Sebastian


Photography and film are all about expression within a frame. The ace in my sleeve is my good understanding of the frame`s anatomy and the ability to tell stories through it using instruments as light, color or composition, and, nevertheless, emotion. This allows me to adapt easily to different styles, requirements and conditions, and, consequently, successfully deliver in a wide range of projects.

Since I have picked up photography I received a number of awards and had pictures exhibited in important cultural hubs such as London, Paris or Shanghai. As a student, an encouraging moment was being a finalist in ” Sony World Photography Awards: Student Focus Competition”, while most recently I have been selected for the prestigious Alfred Fried Photo Exhibition taking place at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris, 2016.

As a cinematographer, I have been part of the official selection for several international festivals, having also received the prize for the “Best Picture” in Documentary Film Section at “The International Film Festival Autumn in Voronet.”

Aside from my own projects I have also been part of the film crew for bigger productions. This has helped me gain invaluable experience as well as exposure to different techniques and styles of working.